Project Management

Project Management contracts can be drawn with differing levels of risk.  They are tailored to suit the specific requirements of our clients.  Depending on the nature of the project, Behmer & Wright have adopted this model to successfully and cost effectively deliver many developments in concert with the principal.

Under this agreement, Behmer & Wright assume the role of agent of the Principal and administer and coordinate the respective trades for and on behalf of the client.  We are remunerated on a ‘cost plus’ basis or a fixed or variable consultancy basis which is accommodated depending on the Principal’s requirements.

Historically, we have utilised this method effectively to overlap the design phase and construction phases of a project.  This enables us to take responsibility for the timeliness and accuracy of the design and the construction programme.

The construction management agreement is structured around a team-based model where we integrate our administrators and project managers with the Principal to deliver the project:

  • with the desired outcomes in the best possible time
  • at the lowest cost (as the Construction Manager shares in any savings)
  • in accordance with the quality standards specified
  • without disputation

The keystone of Behmer & Wright’s project management integrated team approach is communication through all phases of the development programme to ensure the ultimate delivery of an innovative, cost effective, time efficient and high quality project.

As construction managers, Behmer & Wright are integrally linked to the overall management that larger and more complex projects require, including cost control, scheduling coordination, quality control and compliance with OH&S requirements.

Furthermore, Behmer & Wright and the Principal’s interests remain aligned as both parties are incentivised to complete the project to achieve the uniformed goals stated above.

Accordingly, our clients enjoy the benefit of a rigorous and competitive construction management process with less disputation, claims and delays.