Design and Construct

The design and construct delivery method has become increasingly more common with our clients.  This approach represents a shift away from the more traditional ‘construction only’ agreements.

Successful design and construct projects offer a client many benefits in the project delivery.  Principally, these agreements enable the design and construction services to be contracted out to a single entity, whereby one contractor becomes responsible for the co-ordination of the design between the various disciplines.

Behmer & Wright have effectively utilised this method of construction for overlapping the design phase and construction phase of the project to deliver:

  • Improved project quality by enabling the architect and contractor to coordinate and produce a complete set of construction documents.  Constructability may also be reviewed throughout the design process through enhanced input from the architect, contractor and engineers to maximise the design and functionality while maintaining budgetary objectives.
  • Time savings are achieved as the design and construction phases to overlap and in turn, fast tracking the construction programme.
  • Cost savings are enhanced as constructability and value engineering may be continuously reviewed and adapted throughout the project lifecycle.  Decisions that can be made during the programming, concept and design phases will impact the schedule and costs of the project more than any other phase of construction.
  • Risk Management is improved as responsibility is assumed by the design/build team who are developing the drawings and specifications for the project.  This results in accurate and complete construction drawings which virtually eliminates errors and omissions.
  • Financial control is enhanced as the construction team is able to detail project costings earlier in the design phase.  This allows the principal to vary the scope of works or request value engineering prior to the completion of the design phase.

For these reasons, the design and construct delivery method enhances the project performance and alleviates potential adversarial conflicts which might otherwise arise during the construction process.