Maribyrnong Secondary School Sports

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This project for the Maribyrnong Secondary College was the first of its kind in Victoria.  The Sports Academy is a purpose-built facility for the use of the school and local community.

The design brief was to provide a facility that incorporated iconic, innovative and inspiring elements to reflect excellence in sport.

Despite the specialised nature of the Sports Academy, the design needed to be flexible and adaptable to cater not only to the students of the entire elite sports program, but also to all other students and staff of the Maribyrong Secondary College.

The steel-framed building was clad with aluminium sheets, glazed walls and feature sections of compressed cement sheet and pre-cast concrete panels.

Overlooking the city on elevated ground and covering 4,000 square metres in building area, the project’s facilities included:

  • Four court stadium with wooden sprung floors including a show court and retractable seating suitable for basketball, netball, volleyball, handball and soccer
  • Dedicated facilities for badminton (6 court Taraflex) and table tennis (10 table taraflex) with specific lighting requirements
  • Three sets of change-rooms for males and females
  • Strength and conditioning facility including zones for weight training, weight lifting, aerobics, pilates, boxing circuits, medicine ball work etc.
  • Rehabilitation facility including massage tables, consulting rooms and hot/cold therapy including ice baths
  • Sports science/fitness testing facility
  • Indoor 40m sprint tracks with runoff